Saturday, November 20, 2010

Microsoft XBox Kinect

The most interesting thing happened to gaming after Nintendo Wii is Microsoft Kinect. It is going to change the way we play games. It is undoubtedly going to make gaming more interesting and interactive. The couch potatoes may turn into fitness freaks. I must say it is all about our indulgence of mind with the technology that changes the whole scenario. While playing with playstation or xbox, we are sitting on the couch and not moving our body. But we are so much indulged into the games that we don’t want to leave the couch. Now, when we are not going to be on the couch and instead jumping, kicking and running on the floor, there is no way that kids will be couch potatoes when they reach their high school.

XBox Kinect was earlier called Project Natal, but due to its unfriendly name it was changed to Kinect which obviously looks much better in marketing terms. The videos available on youtube definitely deserves a thumbs up as they are popularizing and introducing us to a new way of gaming without controllers.

I am sure that the first drink of gaming on this blog will be refreshing for all of them who are not aware of this new technology available in the market.

Checkout the official site to know more about this amazing techdrink.

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